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Q3 2020 results


Return to work at 100% pre-injury earnings within 12 months*

In Q3, almost 9 in 10 people with workplace injuries or illnesses returned to work with no wage loss within 12 months.

78% People injured at work 78% Businesses

Service satisfaction

78% of people with workplace injuries or illnesses said they were satisfied with their overall experience with the WSIB. This result was above the target of 71 to 73% and the Q3 2019 result of 70%. 78% of businesses said they were satisfied, which is unchanged compared to Q3 2019.

20% lower than Q3 2019

Registered claim volume*

Claim volume rose in Q3 as businesses reopened over the summer, but it remained significantly lower than last year. Lost-time claim volume, which includes work-related COVID-19 claims, was 4% lower than in Q3 2019.


Appeals total allowance rate

The percentage of appeal issues that were allowed or allowed in part remained within the expected range.

69.4 days

Average composite duration in days*

Durations measure the time that claims continue to require benefits. Duration results continued to increase across most time intervals in Q3, but we also saw potential, early signs of stabilization


Sufficiency Ratio

The Sufficiency Ratio increased by 1.2 percentage points to 116.6% in Q3. The full impact of the pandemic is not yet reflected since the WSIB accrues its investment gains and losses over a five-year period.

$5.2 billion in reserve

Net assets

Our net assets on a sufficiency ratio basis grew by $0.4 billion in Q3 to reach $5.2 billion.


Percentage of people with a permanent impairment*

The percentage of people with workplace injuries or illnesses who experience permanent impairment was at its lowest level in 2020 and below the 6.0% benchmark.

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