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Q1 2024 results


Return to work at 100% pre-injury earnings within 12 months*

In Q1, 85.9 per cent of people with workplace injuries or illnesses returned to work with no wage loss within 12 months.

97% decisions made within 10 business days and 81% claims paid within 15 days

Service timeliness

The faster a decision is made to allow a claim, the faster we can start actively helping the person who is injured or ill recover and return to work. In Q1, our time to first decision for lost-time claims was 97 per cent, exceeding our target by one per cent.

Time to first payment was 81 per cent, exceeding our target by four per cent.

Registered claim volume*  3% lower than Q1 2023

Registered claim volume*

There were 45,803 total registered Schedule 1 claims in Q1 2024 – three per cent lower than Q1 2023. 15,764 claims were lost-time claims.

Appeals total allowance rate  32%

Appeals total allowance rate

32 per cent of appeals were overturned decisions, within our expected range of 26 to 33 per cent.

Average composite duration in days* 62.5 Days (excluding COVID-19 claims)

Average composite duration in days*

Durations measure the time that claims continue to require benefits. Average composite duration was largely flat in Q1 2024 compared to Q4 2023 and is down two average days from January 2023. 

Sufficiency Ratio 121.5%

Sufficiency Ratio

The Sufficiency Ratio is 121.5 per cent.

$7.14 billion in reserve

Net assets

Our net assets on a sufficiency ratio basis decreased slightly from Q4 2023.

*Schedule 1 only

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