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Q4 2021 results

87% Return to work at 100% pre-injury earnings within 12 months

Return to work at 100% pre-injury earnings within 12 months*

In Q4, over 8 in 10 people with workplace injuries or illnesses returned to work with no wage loss within 12 months, excluding those with COVID-19 claims.

93% Decisions made within 10 business days 74% Claims paid within 15 days

Service timeliness

Both eligibility decision and payment timeliness met their targets in Q4.

2% higher than Q4 2020

Registered claim volume*

We registered more non-COVID-19 claims in Q4 2021 compared to Q4 2020, and fewer COVID-19 claims.

Appeals total allowance rate is 30%

Appeals total allowance rate

The percentage of appeal issues that were allowed or allowed in part remained within the expected range.

68.7 days (excluding COVID-19 claims)

Average composite duration in days*

Durations measure the time that claims continue to require benefits. Our short-term durations started to improve in 2021 following five years of increasing durations. Average composite duration decreased in Q4 and reached its lowest level since the start of the pandemic in Q1 2020.


Sufficiency Ratio

The Sufficiency Ratio increased 0.8 percentage points to 121.2% in Q4. Growth in the Sufficiency Ratio occurred in 2021 even though premium rates remained the same in 2021 as 2020.

$6.5 billion in reserve

Net assets

Our net assets on a sufficiency ratio basis increased by $0.1 billion in Q4, to $6.5 billion.


Percentage of people with a permanent impairment*

The percentage of people with workplace injuries or illnesses who experience permanent impairment remained above the 6.0% benchmark.

* Schedule 1 only

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