Do you need to register with us?

Most Ontario businesses that have employees (including family members and sub-contractors) must register with us. We provide workplace insurance to 16 diverse industries and cover 324,000 businesses.

You have 10 calendar days to register from the day you hire your first employee. If you are not registered with us, and should be, you can voluntarily register your business for the first time. Not registering may result in penalties, investigation and provincial offences charge or having to repay retroactive premiums.

If you are unsure about whether you need to register your business, take the questionnaire below to help you determine if registration is required.





If your business or type of work is not listed - check the employer classification manual to see further details on registration requirements.

Your registration obligation may differ if you own or operate a business in construction. To learn more about your obligations, see expanded compulsory coverage in the construction industry.

If you’re not required to register with us, or are a business owner (whether you’re a sole proprietor, partner, or executive officer) of your business, you can still choose to have WSIB insurance

How to register

Once you’ve hired at least one employee, and are ready to register your business, gather your business information and register online.

Once your registration is complete, we will email you the details and send you a welcome package with your account information.