Interdisciplinary team program of care

The interdisciplinary team program of care is a contracted community-based health care program. The program is for the assessment and treatment of people with complex musculoskeletal injuries. It could include post-surgical treatment, specialized treatment and it allows for the delivery of work hardening services. Work hardening services consist of highly structured, goal-oriented and personalized treatment programs that include real or simulated work activities designed to help people return to work. This may include prescribed, customized exercise programs delivered in a rehabilitation space with dedicated exercise equipment and supervised by a regulated health professional.

The interdisciplinary team program is delivered by health care providers who have met the requirements through an open procurement process and were successful in obtaining a contract. It ensures an interdisciplinary team approach, with the team comprised of, at minimum, a physiotherapist or chiropractor in addition to an occupational therapist. Our goal is to provide care close to home that enables recovery and sustained return to work in a timely and efficient way.

Key components

  • People with injuries must receive approval from us to participate in the interdisciplinary team program of care 
  • It is an eight-week program that includes two four-week blocks of care
  • It includes the delivery of evidence-based interventions for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and the management of related psychosocial impairments by an interdisciplinary team
  • Outcomes measures are required and are aligned to injury type
  • If we have approved work hardening, it is delivered according to program guidelines and has its own reporting requirements


If we approve the delivery of work hardening, you will need to complete and submit:

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Outcome measures

Interdisciplinary team program of care provider directory 

Contracted health care providers delivering this program are listed on the interdisciplinary program of care provider directory.

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