Meeting your responsibilities

Knowing and understanding your responsibilities to us are the first steps. You must also be able, and willing, to meet each of those obligations. Our approach is to educate, communicate, assist and, only as a last resort, use enforcement.

We’re here to support you in meeting your responsibilities to us.

We will:

  • provide you with the information you need to know and understand your responsibilities
  • continuously work to make it easier for you to fulfill your responsibilities
  • if you encounter a barrier to meeting your obligations we will work with you to help address it

You will:

  • ensure you understand your responsibilities by educating yourself through the materials we provide
  • meet each of your obligations

People who have been ill or injured at work

Your responsibilities include:

  • Reporting any material changes in your situation such as your income, health status, job, or any other circumstance that might affect your entitlement to WSIB benefits within 10 days. See our policy on material changes in circumstances.

Please see the COVID-19 FAQs for updates about time limits related to the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency.

  • Always being truthful about your workplace injury or illness. Anyone who knowingly makes false or misleading statements to WSIB about a claim for benefits is guilty of an offence. This may result in charges under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (Sec. 149 (1)) or under the Criminal Code (Sec. 380).
  • See Your Guide: Benefits, Services and Responsibilities – Worker Edition


Read more about your responsibilities:

Representatives of businesses and people who are injured or ill

Our code of conduct for representatives sets out the standards of behaviour we expect from representatives of businesses and representatives of those who experienced a workplace injury or illness.

Providers and suppliers

As an important part of the workplace safety and insurance system, we count on you to help us support people who are ill or injured at work through their recovery and also to ensure you are: