Premiums and payment

Your premiums are based on the health and safety risk of your business activities, the size of your payroll, and on your company's health and safety record. The premiums you pay for workplace safety insurance are used to pay benefits to people who are injured or become ill in the workplace. So preventing injuries and getting injured employees back to work quickly reduces costs for everyone.

Paying premiums is a two-step process

Use our online tools

1. Report your premiums 2. Pay premiums  Pay online now

Use our ePremium service to accurately calculate and report your payroll information.

Even if your payroll is zero, you must report. Learn more about calculating premium payments.

You have two options to report your premiums:

  • Use ePremium to report online

Enter your gross insurable earnings and your premiums will be automatically calculated and submitted for you. You can also review premium transactions online, anytime.


  • Calculate and then report your premium(s) using the bottom portion of the premium remittance form
  • Mail the stub(s) portion of the form with your payment using the return envelope, or drop it off at your local WSIB office before the due date

Premiums not reported by the due date will result in a non-compliance charge.

See more on calculating your premiums and determining insurable earnings.

Use our ePayment service to pay your reported premium by:

  • credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
  • debit (Interac online)
  • Visa/MasterCard debit
  • pay online through your financial institution

You can also pay:

  • In person at your financial institution or local WSIB office
  • By mail: PO Box 4115, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 2V3

If you are paying by cheque, please write your WSIB account number on the cheque and include your remittance stub.

Please remember, if you pay online or at your financial institution, you still need to report using ePremium or by sending your stub to the WSIB before the due date. Many institutions have changed their policies and will no longer send the remittance stub on your behalf.

See details on your payment options.

Let us remind you when it’s time to report & pay. Sign up for payment reminders.

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