When someone experiences a workplace injury or illness, we’re here to help them access the health care they need to recover and return to work. We take an integrated approach to health care that includes community and hospital based assessment and treatment programs where people can get health care services for specific types of injuries.

Our health care programs are:

Community programs 

Community mental health program
The community mental health program gives injured and ill people timely access to psychological assessment and evidence-based, outcome-focused treatment services.  The WSIB and the Ontario Psychological Association collaborated in developing this program.
The program provides a structured approach for service delivery in several phases, including intake/pre-authorization, assessment and treatment blocks, with corresponding reporting requirements, and with set reporting templates and blocked fee payments.

Programs of care and Episode of care

Programs of care are five stand alone evidence based health care programs that are available for most common musculosketal injuries and specific illnesses, such as mTBI and noise induced hearing loss.

The Episode of care for non-surgical fractures is a program for  that supports the first course of rehabilitation for people with non-surgical fractures.

Hospital-based programs

Occupational health assessment program

The Occupational health assessment program creates a clear and effective continuum of care for people with work injury and improves integration across all WSIB programs and services. It creates occupational health hubs across the province, providing assessment and  case consult services for people with workplace injuries and illnesses, building on our existing partnerships with public hospitals across the province.

Specialty programs

Our specialty programs provide fast access to expert specialists for people with work-related injuries or illnesses. These programs specialize in recovery and achieving a healthy and safe return to work by providing assessment and treatment of more complex injuries and illnesses, delivered through hospital partnerships.

Additional programs

Drug benefit program

Our drug benefit program pays the full cost for medication prescribed by physicians for work-related injury or illness. Through this program, we provide medications to treat workplace-related conditions and also provide formulary drug listing decisions and a drug benefit formulary search tool.

Serious injury program

The serious injury program supports people with who have been injured at work and who have a serious injury or permanent disability.  Through this program, people with serious injury will receive specialized treatment, equipment and services to improve their quality of life.