Drug Benefit Program

Our WSIB Drug Benefit Program pays the full cost for medication prescribed by physicians for work-related injury or illness. Through this program, we provide medications to treat workplace-related conditions for more than 55,000 people each year.

Programs of Care

Programs of Care are evidence-based health care delivery plans that describe treatment shown to be effective for specific injuries and illnesses.

Episode of Care

The Non-Surgical Fracture Episode of Care (EOC) is the first course of rehabilitation for people with non-surgical fractures. The EOC includes a payment model that bundles rehabilitation services and fees. The bundled plan includes an initial assessment and report, treatment, outcome measurement, communications and a summary report.

Serious Injury Program

If your patient is an injured worker with serious or permanent injuries, the Serious Injury Program (SIP) can provide specialized treatment, equipment, and services to help maximize their recovery of function and quality of life.

WSIB Specialty Programs

WSIB puts a number of specialty programs at your disposal to assist injured workers with specific recovery difficulties.

Community Mental Health Program

The Community Mental Health Program is designed to provide access to psychological assessment and evidence-based, outcome-focused treatment and let psychologists spend more time on treating people and less on administration.

Drug benefit program

Programs of care

Regional evaluation centres

Serious injury program

Specialty programs

Episode of care

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