Appeals: Decision

The Appeals Resolution Officer will review the information in the claim file and any additional information you submit on the Appeal Readiness form or the Respondent form to make their decision. If there is an oral hearing, the Appeals Resolution Officer will also consider the testimony and arguments made during the hearing.

Clarifying an appeal decision

If a party to the appeal receives a decision and finds it to be unclear, incomplete or to have an obvious error (e.g., a typographical error that does not impact the decision) you can write to the Appeals Resolution Officer directly and ask them to provide you with a clarification.

An Appeals Resolution Officer can issue an addendum to clarify their decision, correct a date, or complete an incomplete decision.

Requesting a clarification is not the same as formally disagreeing with a decision.

Appeals Services Division practices and procedures document

  • Read the Appeals Services Division practices and procedures document (PDF)
  • Correction notice: The phone number for requesting a recording of an oral hearing on page 33 of the Appeals Services Division Practices & Procedures guide is no longer active. If you would like a recording of an oral hearing, please upload a written request (include the claim number). If you have a WSIB claim and you have signed up for online services, you may also login to email your request. To request a recording of an oral hearing for an employer account appeal, please email

Track your appeal status online

People with claims and businesses can sign up for our secure online services to track the status of an appeal any time and get updates faster, as well as see resolved appeals. They can also submit documents straight to their file and send us messages, all in one convenient place.

Make sure you have the claim number and personal identification number (PIN) ready, you should have received both in the mail. If you don’t have this information, call us at 1-800-387-0750 from 7:30 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. Monday to Friday and we can provide it to you.


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From February 22 to March 16, 2023 there was a delay in people receiving letters from us because of a printing issue. Because of this delay, we are automatically extending the timeframe people have to appeal a decision until September 30, 2023 for any decisions dated between February 22 and March 16, 2023.