A clearance is a unique number issued by the WSIB that shows that a business, contractor or subcontractor is registered and up to date with us, including keeping current with premium payment and reporting. 

A clearance will automatically be created for your business, as long as you are up to date on your WSIB payments and reporting. This clearance number is valid for all your contracts. See our FAQs for more details.

Our online options for clearances

Quick access clearances

  • No log in required
  • Find, view and download your clearances

Log in to our online service for clearances to:

  • Create a list of contractors that you need clearances for
  • Find, view and download your clearance history
  • Search for current clearances
  • Receive reminder emails

Newly registered businesses

Most newly registered businesses that need a clearance certificate at the time of registration make an initial advance payment of $250. This payment is applied to your WSIB account as a credit and will be applied towards your future premiums.