A clearance is a number issued by the WSIB that shows that a business is registered and up-to-date with us, including keeping current with premium payment and reporting. Visit eClearance to get or manage your clearances.

principal is any business that hires another business to do work for them. Principals rely on clearances to avoid liability for insurance premiums contractors may owe the WSIB.

See our video that describes the relationship between a principal and and a contractor.

Newly registered businesses

Most newly registered businesses that need a clearance at the time of registration will make an initial advance payment of $250. This payment is applied to your WSIB account as a credit and will be applied towards your future premiums.

Getting a clearance using eClearance

  • Use our quick access eClearance if you only occasionally need Clearances.
    • No log in required
    • Create, check and view your Clearances
    • Manually enter all required info every time you use this version
  • Use eClearance if you hire and manage more than one contractor or you work for more than one principal at a time:
    • Create a list of contractors that you need Clearances for
    • Auto-renew clearances for contractors on your list until either  an account is no longer in good standing or you remove them
    • Manage up to 10 lists of 1,000 contractors
    • View your clearance history
    • Search for current clearances and create up to 200 clearances at a time
    • Receive reminder emails
    • Recall and renew a previously issued clearance.
    • Log in now
    • Don’t have an eService user ID? Sign up now
  • Use eClearance mobile for quick access on your phone or tablet.You will  require an account number to use this application. With it you can:
    • Create a Clearance
    • View a Clearance
    • Check a Clearance status

For more information about clearances, see our FAQs and videos.