Schedule 2

Schedule 2 organizations include

  • organizations funded by public funds (from the federal, provincial and/or municipal governments)
  • organizations legislated by the province but self-funded
  • A number of other businesses who are privately owned but involved in federally regulated industries such as telephone, airline, shipping and railway

    Guidelines for entering into agreement with people injured at work or their survivors (Section 63 Agreement)

    See our guidelines (PDF) to assist Schedule 2 organizations who would like to enter into an agreement with people who experienced an workplace injury or illness, or their survivors. In section 63 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, the person or their survivor agrees to accept a specified amount of money in lieu of, or in satisfaction of, receiving compensation benefits under the insurance plan. The guidelines identify when such an agreement is appropriate, as well as the factors that we'll consider in reviewing a proposed Section 63 Agreement.

    What is the difference between Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 businesses?

    While Schedule 1 employers operate under the collective liability insurance principle, Schedule 2 employers do not. They are individually responsible for the full cost of the accident claims filed by their workers. The WSIB maintains full authority over the Schedule 2 claims entitlement process and bills actual benefit costs plus an annual administration fee to Schedule 2 organizations.

    Can Schedule 2 employers voluntarily apply to join Schedule 1?

    Yes. Many have exercised this option and, as a result, today we have municipalities, school boards and other Schedule 2 employers split between the two Schedules. Larger employers are increasingly choosing to remain in Schedule 2 or to transfer back to it.

    Therefore, Schedule 2 organizations are not grouped into economic or industry sectors but are identified by their insurance liability status. These organizations carry out a wide range of activities including, public sector service, law and order activities, shipping, transportation, education and public utilities.

    Improvements to your invoices

    We’ve made changes to your invoices to make them more useful to you and provide the info you need. We've added a health care benefit legend that contains descriptions that respect the privacy and confidentiality of people who have been ill or injured.

    Schedule 2 invoices FAQs

    What’s changed about the Schedule 2 invoices?

    We’ve updated our Schedule 2 invoices to provide more information in response to feedback from Schedule 2 organizations. The invoices now provide a legend indicating the health care codes that appear on them.

    Why have we changed Schedule 2 invoices?

    We’ve heard from Schedule 2 organizations that our invoices aren’t as helpful as they could be. We’re adding a health care code legend to make them more useful and provide the information our customers need. This is just the start. We are committed to responding to customer feedback and we’ll be making more changes to improve invoices further.  

    Why aren’t the health care codes more detailed? 

    In total, we are providing 31 health care codes. We have to ensure the information shared respects the privacy and confidentiality of people who’ve been ill or injured. 

    What items are included under “other”?

    The “other” category includes items that are not yet mapped to the listed heath care benefits. We are working on revising our health care codes to have fewer items in the “other” category in future. If you have questions about a specific charge, please contact us.