Forms: Health care providers

Complete and submit a WSIB form

To report a workplace injury or, submit an invoice, functional abilities form or progress report go to TELUS Health. If you are new to TELUS Health, register to bill us and get paid online.

For all other WSIB forms, find the form you need, fill it in using your computer, save it and submit it online.

NEW: You need to sign up for an online services login or sign into your online services account to submit claim documents and WSIB forms.


Report a patient's work-related physical injury or illness

Update us on your patient's recovery and return to work

Fee schedule for the updated functional abilities form fee.

See other commonly used forms.

Bill us for your services

Register and bill us easily through TELUS Health.

Treatment and programs

Programs of care

Community mental health program

Request additional health information

Request a hearing-related device

Request a treatment extension

Note: Do not submit treatment extension requests for anyone being treated in a program of care. Health care providers should call the Clinical Expert Line for case-specific clinical concerns. Read more in the FAQs document for the relevant Program of Care.

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