Strategic Plan 2019-2021

We’re here to help

When an injury or illness happens on the job, we move quickly to provide wage-loss benefits, medical coverage and help getting back to work. We cover over five million people in more than 300,000 workplaces across Ontario. We also promote health and safety in the workplace with a goal of one day having zero work-related injuries or illnesses.


Our vision is to make Ontario the safest and healthiest place to work and set the standard for outcomes in recovery, return to work, occupational health care and claims decision-making.


  • Be compassionate
  • Work with integrity
  • Always be helpful
  • Earn people’s trust

Public value

We deliver public value to Ontarians by reducing the disruption and devastation caused by workplace injuries and illnesses, while making Ontario a safer place to work.


Our mandate as an independent trust agency is to promote workplace health and safety, to facilitate return to work, recovery and re-entry into the labour market for people who have a workplace injury or illness, or their spouses, and to provide compensation and other benefits in a financially responsible and accountable way.

Achieving our vision

We have two long-term visionary aspirations that guide the work we will do in this and future plans:

  • We will make Ontario the safest and healthiest place to work.
  • We will set the standard for outcomes in recovery, return to work, occupational health care and claims decision-making.

Delivering public value

Public value is measured by how well we contribute to the overall economic and social health of Ontario. We must deliver our services in a way that meets the needs and expectations of the people we serve and work with.

Over the next three years we will:

  • Make Ontario a safer place to work by:
    • strengthening integration, accountability and effectiveness of the occupational health and safety system
    • developing people-centric health and safety programs that encourage healthy workplaces
    • raising awareness of rights, obligations and best practices to empower proactive health and safety planning
  • Improve return-to-work and recovery outcomes by:
    • providing customized return-to-work services to cases that need the most support
    • improving access and quality of care for people with illnesses and people with physical and/or mental stress injuries
    • improving sustainable employment outcomes
  • Meet our customers’ needs and expectations by:
    • building an accessible, personalized customer service experience
    • making our services more convenient and compassionate through quicker decision-making based on the best available evidence and faster payment
    • fostering an engaged and empowered workforce
    • enhancing the development, resiliency and mental health of our employees
    • ensuring a strong information technology foundation that improves our customer security and service helping us evaluate and mitigate risks
  • Provide services in a financially responsible and accountable way by:
    • maintaining full funding, while ensuring benefits security and premium rate stability
    • continuing to make responsible use of our resources
    • ensuring the security of the information we collect

How we’re measuring public value

As an agency of government, accountable to all Ontarians, we have an obligation and responsibility to show and measure the public value we deliver as we journey toward our vision.

We are excited to be one of the first public sector organizations in Canada to use public value in our decision-making and to measure and report back on our success.

The metrics and the methods we use to measure our public value may evolve over the course of this strategic plan. We are committed to monitoring the metrics, and adding to or refining them to ensure they continue to measure whether we are delivering value. Refinements may also be made to reflect new data or changes in data availability.