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Most Ontario businesses that have employees (including family members and sub-contractors) must register with the WSIB within 10 calendar days of hiring their first employee. Find out if you need to register with us.

Registering with the WSIB provides workplace insurance coverage for your business and employees and gives you access to experts in health and safety for your business sector.

Ready to register?

When you’re ready to register your business, gather the business information you’ll need and register online.

Once we complete your registration, we will email you the details and send you a welcome package with your account information.

Benefits of registering

By registering with us and paying premiums, your business is covered by the WSIB, which means you:

  • get affordable workplace insurance you can rely on to protect your employees
  • have no-fault workplace insurance that protects you from costly court settlements and provides services and support when you and your employees need it
  • have peace of mind of knowing you have the best coverage for your business
  • can access programs and services designed to help improve your workplace health and safety over time. This will help keep you informed, prepared and allow you to adjust for the future
  • If you are required by law to register, private coverage is not a substitute.

Business owners and executive officers

If you do not work in construction, and you are a sole proprietor, partner, or executive officer of your business you are not automatically covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act 1997 (WSIA), but you may apply for optional insurance.

Mandatory coverage in construction

If you work in construction, you must have WSIB coverage (some exemptions apply). Learn about Mandatory coverage in the construction industry.

Businesses that aren’t required by law to be covered

There are some businesses that are not required by law to be registered with the WSIB. Even if you aren’t required to register with us, you can choose to apply for WSIB coverage. Learn more about by-application coverage.

Find out if you need to register with us.

Clearance certificates

clearance certificate is provided by the WSIB at no charge. It shows that a business/contractor is registered with the WSIB and that their account is in good standing. Clearance certificates are mandatory for the construction industry.

Most newly registered employers requiring a clearance certificate at the time of registration will need to make an initial advance payment of $250. This payment is applied to your WSIB account as a credit and will be applied towards your future premiums.