Appeals: Objecting to a WSIB decision

You will receive a letter from the WSIB informing you of a decision in your claim or the claim of your employee. If you disagree with the WSIB’s decision, respond to the letter as soon as possible and explain why you disagree; point out any facts you think were overlooked and ask the decision maker to reconsider the decision.

The person who signed your decision letter is your decision-maker. They can help you through the objection process. Clear communication prevents many disputes before they start.

Whether you resolve your dispute early through discussion, or launch a formal appeal, we'll give you instructions on how to proceed through each step of the objection/appeals process. In the case of a return-to-work dispute, you can ask your Case Manager to arrange for a Return to Work Specialist to help find a resolution.

If, after reviewing any additional information you provided, the original decision remains unchanged, the decision-maker will send you another letter explaining why the decision remains the same. At this point, you have another opportunity to object by filling out an 

While we prefer that you complete the form, the WSIB will also accept a letter of objection.

Getting an Intent to Object form

You can download the 
 or your can have one mailed to you by calling 416-344-1000, or 1-800-387-0750. A WSIB representative can also help you to complete the form. You can also refer to this for people with claims or
Completing the second page of the 
 is optional but you may do so if you have new or additional information that you want the WSIB decision-maker to consider.

After you have completed the form, you can submit the form online.

Who can complete the form?

If you cannot complete the form, someone else can complete the form on your behalf, but it must be signed by you if you do not have a representative. If you have a representative it is acceptable for your representative to be the only one who signs the form.

Time limit for submitting an objection

Please see the COVID-19 FAQs for updates about time limits related to the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency.

There are legislated time limits for submitting an objection. You have up to 30 days to object to a WSIB decision about return to-work or work transition issues, including re-employment decisions.

You have up to six months to object to any other WSIB decision.

To meet the time limit, we must receive your 
 before the time limits set out on your decision letter.

If you miss the time limit and still want to object, you must send a letter to the decision-maker asking for an extension and explaining why you missed the time limit.

We will write to you to tell you if we can extend the time limit.

The WSIB will default to the six-month time limit in a situation where a party is objecting to two different decisions with two different time limits (e.g., work transition issue with a 30 day time limit and a loss of earnings issue with a time limit of six months.

Review of my Intent to Object form

The decision-maker will review your
 and reconsider the decision if new information is provided. This step generally takes 14 business days. If the decision on the claim is changed, the decision-maker will notify you.

For workers, if the decision is not changed, the decision-maker will send you a copy of your claim file, along with an Appeal Readiness form and an instruction sheet.

For employers, after the worker indicates that they do not object to the release of information to you, you will receive initial access to the claim file, along with an Appeal Readiness form and an instruction sheet.

Appeals Services Division Practices and Procedures

Track your appeal status online

People with claims and businesses can sign up for our secure online services to track the status of an appeal any time and get updates faster, as well as see resolved appeals. They can also submit documents straight to their file and send us messages, all in one convenient place.

Make sure you have the claim number and personal identification number (PIN) ready, you should have received both in the mail. If you don’t have this information, call us at 1-800-387-0750 from 7:30 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. Monday to Friday and we can provide it to you.


  • (PDF) (send by email or mail)
  • Appeal Readiness (Mailed to you, along with your claim file record, once you have submitted an intent to object form)

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