Serious injury program

The Serious Injury Program (SIP) is in place to provide seriously injured workers with the specialized treatment, equipment, and services they need to maximize their recovery of function and quality of life.

Once a worker is transferred to SIP, all aspects of administration of the worker’s claims (adjudication, nursing, vocational, and special needs) are handled by the program.

Who should be referred to SIP?

The following types of injured workers should be transferred to the SIP. If you ’re unsure about a worker’s status after reviewing this list, please call the SIP contact number and someone will be pleased to help you:

  • Individuals with a serious or permanent disability
  • Injured workers with the following injuries or circumstances
  1. Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, or Paraparesis
  2. Major amputations - major amputations include those whose NEL assessment indicates bodily impairment of 60% or greater. Other than shoulder disarticulation, this would generally result from amputation beyond that of a single limb.
  3. Blindness
  4. Major burns - major burns include:
    • Second or Third Degree Burns involving both hands or feet, or the face, head or neck area.
    • Burns that required the worker to be transferred to a major burn unit.
  5. Brain injuries that require major cognitive interventions, prevent the worker’s living independently or the handling of the worker’s own affairs
  6. Serious crushing injuries to chest, abdomen, or pelvis such as those requiring transfer to a major trauma hospital

For additional information, refer to For Families: A resource guide for seriously injured workers and their families (PDF).

Contact information

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Serious Injury Program
200 Front Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 3J1
Tel: 416-344-1000
Fax: 416- 344-4684