How to report and pay your premiums

Paying your premiums is a two-step process, you must first report your premium and then make premium payments. You can report and pay your premiums online at any time.

Premium reporting Payment

Our online service for premium reporting helps you accurately calculate and report your payroll information.  Even if your payroll is zero, you must report.

  • Enter your insurable earnings and you’ll receive an automatic calculation of your premium. You will also have the option to view your premium transactions online anytime.

You can also:

  • Calculate and report your premium using the bottom portion of the remittance form and mail it with your payment using the return envelope.  

Premiums not reported by the due date will result in a non-compliance charge.


For more information on determining your insurable earnings see, calculating your premium payments  and our policy on determining insurable earnings.

You can pay your premiums:

  • online or by telephone banking through your financial institution
  • by logging in to our online services, or pay now by:  
    • Visa or MasterCard (credit card)*
    • Interac online (debit)
    • Visa/MasterCard debit*


  • Mail your cheque and premium remittance stub to: PO Box 4115, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 2V3


* There is a 2.25 per cent service charge for using Visa or MasterCard credit, and a 1.75 per cent service charge for using Visa Debit, and Debit MasterCard payments. We do not receive any part of this service fee; it goes directly to our online payment provider, Paymentus. There is no service charge for using Interac Online.

Let us remind you when it’s time to report and pay. Sign up for payment reminders.

Report and payment frequency

We have simplified our billing cycles to reduce the time you have to spend on administration related to your WSIB coverage and to make it easier for you to pay your premiums and stay up to date with us. By streamlining our billing processes, we hope that over time you will see improvements in the consistency of the services we provide throughout the year.

Here is the insurable earnings thresholds for monthly and quarterly reporting:

Insurable earnings

Reporting and payment frequency

$1,000,000 or more


$20,000 to $999,999.99


Less than $20,000


When to report and pay


Reporting period













Premium reporting and payment due

Feb. 28

Mar. 31

Apr. 30

May 31

Jun. 30

Jul. 31

Aug. 31

Sep. 30

Oct. 31

Nov. 30

Dec. 31

Jan. 31


Reporting period

First quarter Jan. 1 to Mar. 31

Second quarter Apr. 1 to Jun. 30

Third quarter Jul. 1 to Sep. 30

Fourth quarter Oct. 1 to Dec. 31

Premium reporting and payment due

April 30

July 31

October 31

January 31


Reporting period

January 1 to December 31

Premium reporting and payment due

April 30

If your actual insurable earnings become higher than the estimated amount, contact us within 10 calendar days to update your information. Failure to do so can result in penalties and/or prosecution.

See more on the annual maximum amount for insurable earnings and calculating premiums.

Payment options

No matter how you choose to pay, you still need to report your premiums using our online service for premium reporting or by sending your premium remittance stub to the WSIB before the due date. Many institutions have changed their policies and will no longer send the remittance stub.

Online or telephone banking through your financial institution

You can pay your premiums online through your financial institution (bank, credit union etc.). Your bank’s website provides details on setting up a bill payee on your bank account. Most bank websites list us as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario - Schedule 1 or WSIB Ontario Sched 1.

When setting the WSIB as a bill payee, you will be required to choose either Schedule 1 (report and pay premiums) or Schedule 2 (pay claim costs) as an option. Most businesses are Schedule 1. See Schedule 2 for more information.

Paying through our online services

Our online services for payment through Paymentus gives you access to all your account details, the ability to pay for more than one premium at a time, confirm your payment amount and review your payment history. You can also set up a payment profile, so that when you log into online services your payment information is automatically loaded.

For each payment, you will receive an email and confirmation number for your records. Your payment is applied to your WSIB account within 24 to 48 hours (this period begins on the next business day when a payment is made on a weekend or holiday). 

Our online services for payment through Paymentus and for clearances are integrated. Any payments made to your account are reflected in real time. This will allow you to bring your account back into good standing if an outstanding payment is preventing you from receiving a clearance certificate.

Paying directly through Paymentus

You can also choose to pay directly through our online payment provider Paymentus (without logging onto our online services). You will need your account information, including:
•    account number
•    firm number
•    payment amount
•    MasterCard or Visa information or  MasterCard or Visa Debit 

You can also pay directly by phone. You can call Paymentus anytime toll-free at 1-855-288-7459. It is an automated system, so you’ll have to enter your information using the telephone key pad. An operator is not available on the phone to assist you.

Other payment options

Mail your cheque and premium remittance stub(s) with your payment to PO Box 4115, Station A, Toronto, ON  M5W 2V3. 

If you are paying by cheque, please write your WSIB account number on the cheque and include the remittance stub sent to you by the WSIB. Copying or altering the stub sent by us can cause processing errors and or delays.