Managing your account

We’re here to help you manage your WSIB account, from providing information about your responsibilities as a WSIB-insured business, how to close an account, authorizing a business representative, email communications, automatic notifications and clearances.

We’ve also put together some additional resources that will help you figure out:

Online services and reminder notifications

Our online services are the most convenient way to manage your account anywhere, anytime. You can easily report and pay your premiums, obtain a clearance, access information about claims registered with your business including claim status, payments, benefits, past claim history and much more.

Sign up or log in today or visit our online services FAQs to learn more.

You can also access the following reminder notifications to help manage your account and save time:

  • Automatic clearance notifications provide access to your clearance through email each time a clearance is generated, before your current clearance expires. Sign up for automatic clearances by selecting “My Email Notifications” in the clearance application in our online services or see our FAQs for more details.
  • Email notifications for when your monthly statement is available. To turn on notifications, log in to your online services account, select the statement service and click “manage notifications.” 

Changes to your business

You must let the WSIB know of any changes to your business within 10 calendar days. You may provide us with this information by email, phone or mail.

Types of changes you must report include:

  • ownership
  • address and phone number
  • type of work your business does
  • legal, trade or business name
  • if you stop employing all of your employees or your business closes

Health and safety

Our Health and Safety Excellence program provides a clear roadmap to help businesses improve workplace health and safety, whether they are just getting started or want to enhance existing systems and processes.