Both the worker and employer have a right to appeal a decision made in a claim. The Appeals Services Division is the first level of the appeal process and is internal to the WSIB. The second and final level of appeal is the Workplace Safety and Insurance Tribunal, which is external to the WSIB.

The mission of the WSIB’s Appeals Services Division is to consider and reach final resolutions to worker/survivor claims and employer account appeals. Resolutions shall be consistent with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) and WSIB policy, and shall be timely, transparent and fair in dealing with appeals from both workers and employers.

An Appeals Resolution Officer (ARO) is the person responsible for addressing appeals. Workers or employers who disagree with decisions made by the Appeals Services Division can then appeal to the independent Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. The detailed rules surrounding the appeals process can be found in the Appeals Services Division Practice & Procedures document.