Authorizing a business representative

You can use a third-party representative to provide advice and help you do business with us. Authorized representatives can receive verbal or written information from us about your account and represent you during the appeals process.

You can grant access to a non-legal representative (e.g., accountant, bookkeeper, spouse) or legal representative (e.g., lawyers, paralegals) by completing the
. You’ll need to specify which category your representative falls under on the second page of the form.

You can submit your authorization request form online, anytime, anywhere.

Please note, there is a separate authorization form for claim-related information.

More information can be found in the Disclosure of Claim File Information to Worker or Employer Representatives policy and the separate declaration of authorization – claims form.

Next steps

Once a completed authorization for access to business account information form is received and processed, we can disclose confidential account information to the authorized representative.