Getting help with Return-to-Work

We’re here to help you

A number of WSIB staff may be involved in assisting you with the return-to-work process, supporting the activities of you and your return to work. We ensure that the appropriate help and expertise is available when you need it.

Our Eligibility Adjudicator will:

  • Determine eligibility upon receiving a claim for benefits
  • Support you and your employer in your return-to-work efforts by sharing any available information on your functional abilities and/or precautions.

Our Case Manager will:

  • Set return-to-work and recovery goals, and plan activities in collaboration with you, your employer and treating health professional to achieve return to work and recovery
  • Arrange and monitor – when needed – return to work by a Return-to-Work Specialist.
  • Ensure you and your employer are well informed about what is happening, who is accountable and what to expect.

Our Nurse Consultant will:

  • Provide clinical advice, guidance and interventions to mitigate obstacles if there is a delay in your recovery and return to work. 

Our Return-to-Work Specialist will:

  • Provide information to you and your employer on the return-to-work process as well as educate both of you on your rights and obligations
  • Identify issues that present obstacles to your return-to-work and the intervention(s) required to overcome them and achieve positive return-to-work outcomes.
  • Help you and your employer develop a plan for your return to your pre-injury job -  with or without accommodations.
  • Provide expert advice, vocational rehabilitation planning, and support you and your employer in coordinating your return-to-work, which may include further accommodations and/or transition to a different job with your employer or with a new employer if necessary.

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