Dispute resolution, appeals and appeals implementation processes value-for-money audit

Each year, we are required under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act to conduct a value-for-money audit. The latest audit focused on the dispute resolution, appeals and appeals implementation processes and was conducted by KPMG.


The audit
 identified many strengths in our dispute resolution and appeals processes including strong performance metrics, consistent service and current initiatives recommended for continued expansion.

We have an opportunity to improve on these parts of our program and to better align dispute resolution with leading return-to-work and recovery principles so that we can better meet the needs of the people we are here to help.

The audit included a jurisdictional scan and research on leading return-to-work and recovery practices in Canada and internationally. The report outlined recommendations in three key areas: the dispute resolution process, appeals process, and appeals implementation processes, that will, when implemented, deliver added value. Some of the recommendations for implementation include adopting alternative dispute resolution methodology, enforcing timelines, creating stronger links to policy, training and quality assurance, and to better align with leading return-to-work and recovery principles and best practices. You can find the details in the report.

We are eager to use the information learned as part of this audit to reassess our current operational design, including practices and policies. We always want to ensure fairness is upheld and dispute resolution and appeals are carried out in an efficient and effective manner and in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

We will continue to proactively consult with our stakeholders as we create proposed changes for implementation.

Updated August 30, 2023