Survivors' benefits

If you are a spouse or dependant of someone who died as a result of a workplace injury or illness, you can make a claim for survivors' benefits.

We provide four types of survivors' benefits:

  • Survivor payments: We pay spouses and/or dependent children a lump sum payment and a continuing monthly payment. The amount of these payments will be different for every claim.
  • Funeral and transportation costs: We pay all expenses reasonably connected to burial or cremation and can pay these expenses directly. We may also pay for expenses to bring your family member home for burial.
  • Bereavement counselling: We offer grief counselling for spouses and children. You can request grief counselling at any time during the first year after your family member's death.
  • Support for spouses wanting to rejoin the workforce: We provide help for spouses entering or returning to the workforce. If you think you may need this help, you need to request it during the first year after your spouse's death, but our services can be delayed until it is appropriate.

For more information, read For Families: A Resource Guide for Survivors (PDF) and Compensation Amounts for Survivors.

Benefits to widows/widowers whose benefits were discontinued because of remarriage

If you are a widow or widower (including common-law) whose survivors' benefits ended because you married or remarried before April 1, 1985, you may be entitled to a reinstatement of survivors' benefits. These benefits are retroactive to April 1, 1985.

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