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Operational Policy Manual (OPM) and Employer Classification Manual (ECM)
Our Operational Policy Manual (OPM) policies and Employer Classification Manual (ECM) policies are online, accessible and free. The directory and search functions make navigation easy, while quick links give you related policies for your reference.

The OPM contains policies that the WSIB uses to make decisions about worker and employer rights and obligations, employer premiums, benefits and other related workplace safety and insurance matters.

The ECM includes policies that support the new classification structure that is outlined in 14-01-01, The Classification Structure. The new classification structure is adapted from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and includes additional WSIB-specific classification codes. The ECM contains the descriptions of classification codes we will use to classify the business activities of Ontario businesses, as well as the coverage status for each of these classification codes. You can also use the ECM to search for a specific NAICS code, industry, or business activity.

Archived ECM
This is the archived, past version of the ECM and contains rescinded policy documents that are only applicable up to and including December 31, 2019. These policies have been rescinded and are not applicable to classification decisions made on or after January 1, 2020, but may still be relevant for decision-making, for example, when the WSIB is required to use the policy effective on a particular date.

Policy Updates/Clarifications
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Policy Consultations
We develop and update policies in accordance with the Act and through consultation with our clients and customers. You’ll find information here about consultations for policies and/or policy changes.

This is a good starting point for more in-depth information about the various Acts under which we operate.

Policy development
Our commitment to serving the workers and employers of Ontario better includes ongoing efforts to make policies easier to understand and apply, and to ensure they are clear and consistent.

Policy questions
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