Plumbism-Lead Exposure

This policy has not been amended to reflect the
Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and Regulations made under it


Workers affected by hazardous exposure to lead, or its preparations or compounds in employment, are covered under the Act.


If there is compatibility from a medical standpoint, claims for Plumbism (lead poisoning) are allowed.

Claims are reviewed by the Board’s Occupational Disease Consultant, who provides advice, and if necessary, may recommend an investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Labour.


The claims adjudicator determines

  • whether a lead hazard exists, and whether the employer is on a lead surveillance programme under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Branch
  • whether the worker was exposed to lead
  • whether the worker was regularly monitored
  • the date and results of the blood or urine sample
  • the name of the laboratory where the blood lead or urine lead sample was taken, along with the date and findings
  • the name and address of the worker’s family doctor
  • the name and address of the plant doctor
  • the name of the person who removed the worker from exposure.

Removal From Exposure Employment

If exposure creates a situation of physical danger to a worker, requiring removal from employment, and the employer cannot provide alternate work, the worker may be entitled to compensation.


Legislative authority

Workers’ Compensation Act
Sections 1(1)(n), 122

Claims Services Divisional Administrative Guidelines, June 2, 1978