Policy consultations

Framework for Operational Policy Development and Renewal

, and our Occupational Disease Policy Framework together guide our policy development, ensuring a structured and transparent approach to policy development and renewal.

Consultation Secretariat

Our Consultation Secretariat guides our consultations to ensure that stakeholders can participate and be engaged in a meaningful way.

If you have any questions about our policy consultations, or would like to be added to the Policy Consultation mailing list (where you will receive notification of any new policy consultations as they are posted), please email the Consultation Secretariat at: consultation_secretariat@wsib.on.ca

Your privacy matters

The WSIB may post written or emailed submissions with respondents’ names on our website. By submitting recommendations to a public and transparent consultation process, respondents agreed to the WSIB making public the content that they submitted, and to our Terms of Use.

The WSIB advises against providing, and will not publish, any e-mailed or written submissions containing personal information.

Policy Agenda 2024

The 2024 policy agenda outlines our policy priorities for the coming year and includes items that may involve stakeholder consultation. 

Learn about policy development at the WSIB including the agenda-setting process and past policy agendas.

See our

See our past policy agendas.

Current Consultations

Independent living policy consultation (Serious Injury Program value-for-money audit consultation)

The initial phase of the consultation ran from September 16, 2022 to October 14, 2022 seeking feedback from stakeholders to support our review and analysis of the entitlement criteria for the various benefits and services in the independent living policies. We posted the submissions and a summary of what we heard along with proposed changes to the independent living policies in the second phase of the consultation from April 18, 2024 to June 12, 2024.

We will post the stakeholder submissions, a summary of the consultation, and the updated independent living policies on our website once we have reviewed all stakeholder submissions and have finalized the policies. The changes will help us make sure that people with serious workplace injuries and illnesses get the benefits and services they need to recover, live independently, and get back to work where possible. We thank all stakeholders for their feedback.

Past consultations

Communicable illnesses policy consultation

We have completed our communicable illnesses stakeholder consultation. Visit our communicable illnesses policy consultation page to review our consultation summary report and stakeholder submissions from the consultation. 

Temporary Employment Agency consultation

We have completed our rate setting approach review for temporary employment agencies (TEAs). Visit our TEA rate setting consultation page to view the results and stakeholder submissions from phase two of the consultation.

Occupational Disease Policy Framework Consultation

As part of the WSIB’s Occupational Disease Strategy, the WSIB solicited feedback from stakeholders on a Draft Occupational Disease Policy Framework. The consultation period started Tuesday November 30, 2021, and closed on Monday February 28, 2022.

To view the approved Occupational Disease Policy Framework, Consultation summary, and stakeholder submissions please see the Occupational Disease Policy Framework Consultation page.

Rate Framework Policy Consultation

From August 14, 2017 to January 15, 2018, the WSIB solicited feedback from stakeholders on seven draft policies to support the implementation on the rate framework.

To view the approved policies, consultation summary, and stakeholder submissions please see the Rate Framework Policy Consultation page.