Occupational Disease Policy Framework Consultation

As part of the WSIB’s Occupational Disease Strategy, a key foundational piece of work to support the overall strategy is an overarching Occupational Disease Policy Framework (Framework).

A consultation on a draft Framework was held from November 30, 2021 to February 28, 2022. The valuable feedback received from stakeholders helped to inform the final approved Framework.

The Consultation summary includes background on the Framework, an overview of the consultation process, a summary of what the WSIB heard from stakeholders, and the WSIB’s responses.
 are also available for review.

While the WSIB has an existing Framework for Operational Policy Development and Renewal, which details the legal foundation and role of operational policy, and outlines the WSIB’s approach to operational policy development and renewal, it does not speak to the complexity involved in occupational disease issues.

To address this gap, and to set a strong foundation for future occupational disease activities, the WSIB developed an Occupational Disease Policy Framework.

The framework will anchor future policy development activities to a transparent set of policy principles and guide the use of scientific evidence in the scheduling of diseases and development and updating of occupational disease policies.

The framework supports consistent and timely adjudication and  will work in tandem with the other pillars of the Occupational Disease Strategy to enable the WSIB to deliver a robust and sustainable model for occupational disease policy development.