Policy questions

To assist you with your benefits, revenue, and occupational disease policy questions, we offer three convenient ways to help you get the information you’re looking for:

If you send your policy inquiry by email, please review these important reminders first.

Important reminders

Please note that staff in our policy branch are not decision-makers, nor do they have access to worker claim files or employer account information. Their role is to provide you with a better understanding of our existing policies.

If you send a question by email to the Operational Policy Branch, please do not include:

  • any claim or account details
  • personal or financial information, or
  • any attachments - including documents related to a new or existing WSIB claim or account.

Information in manuals

You can access our Operational Policy Manual (OPM) and our Employer Classification Manual (ECM) online 24/7 and they feature a wealth of information that may be of assistance to you.

The OPM contains policies that the WSIB uses to make decisions about worker and employer rights and obligations, employer premiums, benefits and other related workplace safety and insurance issues.

The ECM contains the descriptions of classification codes we will use to classify the business activities of Ontario businesses, as well as the coverage status for each of these classification codes. You can also use the ECM to search for a specific NAICS code, industry, or business activity. 

Assistance with phone inquiries

If you contact us by phone, we’ll do our best to assist you with general policy questions. Complex or more detailed policy inquiries will be reviewed by one of our policy analysts, who will provide a response within three business days.

If you have a question specific to your WSIB claim, one of our representatives will direct you to your case manager or adjudicator to discuss it further.

If you have a question specific to your employer account, one of our reps will direct you to our Employer Service Centre.

Operational Policy emails

If you have questions, our Operational Policy Branch can help.

Email us at opb@wsib.on.ca for benefits policy and revenue policy questions. For example:

  • claims entitlement, return to work, health care, and payment of benefits
  • coverage under the insurance plan, classification of businesses and premiums payable, calculation of insurable earnings, and experience rating incentive programs.

Email us at odprb@wsib.on.ca for clarifications and questions related to occupational disease policy.