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Payments for No Form 8

The WSIB is now paying for Health Professional's Reports (Form 8) (PDF) in cases where a worker cannot be assigned a claim under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (Act). While unusual, this situation can occur when an employer is either not registered or not covered under the Act. The effective date was January 1, 2007, on a go-forward basis.

Read the adjudicative advice document about Escalation Protocol for Obtaining Outstanding Medical Information (PDF)

Letters to the OMA about the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Drug Benefit Program

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Drug Benefit Program pays the cost for medication prescribed by physicians for work-related injury or illness. Through this program, we provide medications to treat workplace-related conditions for more than 55,000 Ontario workers each year. The program has an automated online approval and billing system, based on formularies. It allows Ontario pharmacies to obtain authorization for worker's prescriptions over the Internet, and to bill us directly through the system.

WSIB has regular communication with OMA regarding the status of medications in the WSIB Drug Benefit Program.

It is recognized that the prescribing physician uses clinical experience and individual needs of the patient; however, "...the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best practice in making decisions about the care of individual patients ... means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external evidence from systematic research."

- Dr. David Sackett, 1996.

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