Shoulder Program of Care

The Shoulder Program of Care (Shoulder POC) is an evidence-based health care delivery plan that describes treatment shown to be effective for people with a shoulder injury.

New Shoulder Program of Care

We want all workers to benefit from the Shoulder Program of Care.

  • All workers with a new shoulder injury on or after October 31, 2012 who require treatment must be treated in the Shoulder POC.
  • If a health professional determines a worker is not eligible for the Shoulder POC, or the worker is not progressing as anticipated, the health professional must contact WSIB's WSIB Clinical Expert Line at 416-344-5739 or toll-free 1-866-716-1299 to discuss the case.
  • In the absence of pre-approved exceptions, the WSIB will only pay for treatment provided through the Shoulder POC. Regular fee for service treatment will not be covered as a first line of care.
  • For more complex cases or for those workers who are not progressing as expected, a new specialized shoulder assessment is available at WSIB Shoulder Specialty Clinics.

Have questions?

For further details on the Shoulder POC, please refer to our Q and A.

Materials for download, for workers with a new injury on or after October 31, 2012:

What is the program’s focus?

The Shoulder POC is specific to the treatment of workers with a shoulder injury for up to eight weeks of care, from the date of first assessment/treatment. It focuses on the best treatment interventions after a shoulder injury, and includes:

  • worker education
  • injury treatment, including exercise and manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization and localized massage)
  • return to work planning

Participation requirements

To participate in programs of care, health care practitioners must complete the  Instructions for Delivering Programs of Care (POC) (PDF)form.

Programs of Care provider directory

Health professionals who can deliver the Shoulder Program of Care will be listed in our Program of Care provider directory.