Low Back Program of Care

Low Back Program of Care Overview

The Low Back Program of Care (LB POC) is an evidence-based health care delivery plan which describes treatment shown to be effective for workers with many low back injuries. Initially launched in 2002 as the Acute Low Back Program of Care (ALBI), this program was updated in March 2011.

The POC delivers the best recovery outcomes for workers with most low back injuries. Workers treated in the LB POC achieve better health and functional outcomes, including earlier return to work, when compared to workers treated in fee-for-service care. 

Program Focus

All workers with a new low back injury who meet the admission criteria will be treated in the LB POC, which is up to 8 weeks in duration (from date of first assessment/treatment). It includes two phases of care, Phase 1 (weeks 1-4) and Phase 2 (weeks 5-8). It focuses on evidence-based treatment interventions, which include:

  • Patient education,
  • Pain and self-management strategies,
  • Treatment (exercises, spinal manipulation and/or mobilization),
  • Progressive pain management steps and,
  • Transition to work.

WSIB will only pay for treatment provided through the LB POC for workers who begin initial treatment within six weeks of the date of injury or recurrence.  Fee for service care will not be covered.

For more information, refer to our Q&A.

Eligibility Criteria

The LB POC Reference Guide provides details regarding the POC’s admission criteria.
If a health care provider determines that the worker,

  • is not suitable for the POC,
  • is beyond the admission timeframes (6 weeks post date of injury),
  • is not progressing as expected or,
  • requires more care

the WSIB Clinical Expert Line must be contacted at 416-344-5739 or toll free 1-866-716-1299.

Materials for download

Participation requirement

To participate in delivering WSIB’s Programs of Care, health care providers must complete  Instructions for Delivering Programs of Care (POC)(PDF) form.

NEW Kinesiologists interested in delivering the LB POC must email WSIB at: programofcare@wsib.on.ca to receive a copy of a Low Back Program of Care Overview presentation. The health care provider (i.e. Kinesiologists) must view this presentation and complete and submit the Instructions for Delivering Programs of Care (POC) (PDF) form to complete WSIB’s requirements to deliver the LB POC. 

Low back program of care overview presentation

Programs of care provider directory

Providers who have fulfilled the requirements (as listed above) will be listed in WSIB’s Programs of Care Provider Directory. Search the directory to find a health care provider who can deliver the LB POC or to report changes to your listing.