Progress Reports


When a claim is allowed, the WSIB may request that progress reports be completed by the worker and employer, as required.


The WSIB periodically requires current information to confirm continuing entitlement to benefits in an allowed claim. To obtain this information, decision-makers send out progress reports to be completed and returned to the WSIB by the involved parties. Without the information provided in these completed reports, payment of benefits may be delayed.

Report sent to workers

How frequently a progress report is sent to a worker depends on the worker's expected recovery time. This form is used to keep the decision-maker informed about dates of health care appointments; how the worker's recovery is progressing; and an estimated date of the worker's return to work.

Report sent to employers

The WSIB sends a progress report to the employer to obtain information regarding communication between the workplace parties, and when the employer expects the worker to return to work.

The Employer's Subsequent Statement (form 0009A) is stockpiled with employers. This form is also available at The employer is responsible for completing and returning the form when the worker returns to work. This form notifies the decision-maker

  • of the exact date the worker returned to work
  • of the type of work the worker is performing (regular or modified), and
  • if the worker's earnings are the same as before the accident.

Application date

This policy applies to all decisions made on or after June 15, 1999, for all accidents.

Document History

This document replaces 15-01-10 dated June 15, 1999.


Legislative Authority

Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, as amended
Sections 23, 40(1)(c), (2)(c)

Workers' Compensation Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended
Sections 72(1), 133(1)


#7, June 23, 2004, Page 375