Health practitioner fees

Under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act we pay health practitioners for health care and any related service covered under the Act provided to a worker.

  • See the WSIB fee schedules below

Access Telus Health Solutions Health Provider portal. You will need a username and password. You may be able to access:

  • Bill Submission
  • Bill Inquiry
  • Bill Reconciliation
  • eProvider Reporting
  • eReferrals for Specialty Clinics
  • EOBs online (Remittance statements)

Fee schedules

Details on payment and billing for:

  • evaluation
  • treatment
  • services
  • completion of WSIB reports
  • any other covered health care

are listed in our fee schedules, which are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

Updated fee schedules

As of August 1 2017, in consultation with the Fee Setting Advisory Committee, a 8.04% increase was applied to the fee-for-service visit rates for 10 of Ontario’s regulated health professions with existing WSIB fee schedules, and the fee for acupuncture services. We revise these fees each year to keep pace with the Consumer Price Index. A 1.5% increase was applied effective July 1, 2018

WSIB Fee Schedules cover:

For more information on health professional fees, please call the Health Practitioner Access Line at 1-800-569-7919 or 416-344-4526

Ordering & invoicing procedures

Questions regarding authorization requests for hearing instruments, repairs, and remakes should be directed to the Health Care Payment Representatives at:

  • 416-344-4236, 4162 or 4028;
  • Toll-free: 1-800-387-0750

Questions regarding manufacturer's invoices should be directed to:

  • 416-344-2375
  • Toll-free: 1-800-387-0750

Other questions should be directed to:

  • The case manager handling the claim or,
  • Sandra Follett, Manager, at 416-344-6699 or toll-free: 1-800-387-0750