Fee schedule: Non-economic loss assessment

Fee schedule: Non-economic loss (NEL) rosters
Roster name Service code Fee
Dermatology M662 $214.01
General surgery M665 $214.01
Physical medicine & rehabilitation M673 $214.01
Neurology / Neurosurgery M668 $214.01
Respirology M676 $214.01
Allergy / Immunology M679 $214.01
Internal medicine M667 $214.01
Chronic pain disability M680 $214.01


M675 $214.01
Ophthalmology, vision M671 $214.01
Otolaryngology (E.N.T.), hearing M672 $214.01
Urology M677 $214.01
Peripheral vascular M661 $214.01
Plastic surgery - disfigurement M674 $214.01
Plastic surgery - complex hands M681 $214.01

Note: The WSIB reserves the right to remove the physician’s name from the roster where the physician is consistently unable to provide timely assessments and reports.

Fee schedule: Musculoskeletal assessments
Body area Service code Fee
Upper extremity M745 $214.01
Lower extremity M746 $214.01
Cervical spine M747 $214.01
Dorso-lumbar spine and pelvis  M748 $214.01

Note: For assessments involving more than one of the above areas, the fee is still $214.01 

Fee schedule: Premium musculoskeletal assessments
Service included Service code Fee Maximum Fee
Assessments exceeding one hour M743 add $53.50 (for every 15 minutes or major part thereof) $214.01 for 60 minutes

Maximum allowable billing: $428.02

Note: These fees include the assessment and the time spent reviewing documents and report preparation.