Fee schedule: Musculoskeletal Program of Care

Fee schedule - effective August 1, 2014

Musculoskeletal program of care
Musculoskeletal program of care Service code Minimum visits Fees

MSK POC delivery – Assessment and treatment

Weeks one up to eight (includes Initial Assessment Report)

For MSK POC delivery and documentation of the WSIB contact before the end of week six for people who are not able to return to all regular work duties and regular hours



6 $500.00

For MSK POC delivery and the person is able to return to work, all regular duties and regular hours at the conclusion of the MSK POC



6 $600.00
For MSK POC delivery for people not able to return to all regular duties and regular hours at work, and the provider did not contact the WSIB as required



6 $400.00

Note: The health professional must contact the WSIB Case Manager where the person is not expected to be able to return to regular duties and hours at the conclusion of the MSK POC. This is essential for case management and is an integral part of the MSK POC. Where the WSIB is not contacted by the end of the sixth week of MSK POC treatment, a reduced fee will be paid as shown above.

Care and outcomes summary report

Care and outcomes summary report Service code Minimum visits Fees

Must be completed at discharge from the MSK POC. The submission of this form generates an invoice automatically and invoicing is not required.



N/A $40.00

Program of care requirements for allowed MSK injuries 

Initial Assessment Report and Care and Outcomes Summary Reportthe WSIB within two business days from the date of initial and final assessments.

Where the Care and Outcomes Summary Form is not received within 14 days of discharge from the MSK POC or if all sections are not completed, the form fee will not be paid. Payment of the MSK POC delivery will be held until receipt of this form.

A minimum number of six visits must be delivered.

Submit completed forms online.

Billing instructions

  • Bill electronically through the WSIB’s payment processor, TELUS Health Solutions, at the completion of the program or whenever the worker is discharged from the program.
  • Enter the correct service code on one line with the total number of visits and corresponding fee.
  • For all MSK POC service codes, the ‘U’ refers to an upper body injury (excluding the shoulder) and the ‘L’ refers to a lower body injury (excluding the low back) treated within the MSK POC.
  • The date of service is the date of the first visit.
  • If HST is applicable, record it on the same bill but on a separate line using the service code “ONHST.”
  • For further information on electronic billing, please contact the TELUS Health Solutions Support Centre at 1-866-240-7492 or visit www.telushealth.com/wsib.