Directory of Records

Our records

We keep records ranging from corporate information to reference material to personal information, which are described below in the Directory of Records. Many of our records are accessible under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The freedom of information and protection of privacy act

FIPPA ensures the right of public access to information in the custody or control of Ontario public institutions, balanced with the right to privacy. As an agency of the Ontario government, the WSIB is subject to FIPPA.

Under FIPPA, you can request access to records in our custody or control. We can release any records except those that contain exempt information, such as personal information other than your own or confidential third-party business information. The Act gives a full list of exemptions.

Making a freedom of information request

You can submit a freedom of information (FOI) request online, by mail, or in person.

FIPPA requires the person requesting the record to pay fees as outlined in the regulations. Once you have submitted the request form, an FOI coordinator will provide you with an estimate of any additional fee amounts over $25.

If we have already released the information you are looking for, we will provide it to you free of charge.

To see if the information you want was released previously, check the list of all previous formal FIPPA requests under WSIB’s Open Data Program. We update this list annually.

Directory of records

Our Directory of Records describes the records in our custody or control – dividing them into three categories:

  • General Corporate Record (GCR) – any record not considered to be a personal information bank or a public record
  • Personal Information Bank (PIB) – a collection of personal information that is organized by a person’s name or other personal identifier, such as a claim number
  • Manual (ML) – reference material used by an operating area, e.g. the Operational Policy Manual and the Employer Classification Manual.

The directory contains information pertaining to following business areas:

  • Actuarial Services
  • Appeals Services
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Business Information and Analytics
  • Corporate Secretariat
  • Employer Services
  • Finance
  • General Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Services
  • Operations
  • Policy Consultation
  • Strategic Procurement, Facilities and Corporate Security
  • Workplace Health and Safety


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