Actuarial Services

The key mandate and core services for Actuarial Services Division is to provide actuarial services to the organization that include performing valuation of benefit liabilities and financial forecasting, setting Schedule 1 and rate group premium rates, determining experience financial forecast as well as administering the experience rating programs and providing Schedule 2 support.

series in this section contain information regarding Valuation of Schedule 1 Liabilities, Schedule 2 Liabilities Estimates, Funding Forecasts, Premium Rates Manual, Premium Rates Large Rates Table, Premium Rates Annual Presentations, Premium Estimator Lookup Table, Exit Premiums, Experience Rating Expense Forecast, Second Injury and Enhancement Fund (SIEF) Reports, Experience Rating Program Factors and Formulas, Experience Rating Files, Accident Cost Statement and Cost & Frequency Reports, Costing of Changes, Claim Settlement Costing Case Files, Net Average Earnings (NAE) Calculators and Tables, Annual Indexing Rate, and Ad-hoc Advice and Presentations, etc.


Type Description
GCR Actuarial Services Administration Records
PIB Accident Cost Statements and Cost & Frequency Reports
PIB Claim Settlement Costing Case Files