Stakeholder Compliance Services

Stakeholder Compliance Services delivers programs and services which support an effective compliance model and lead to continuous improvement in compliance throughout the Workplace Safety and Insurance system. The series in this section contain information regarding Prosecution Files, Surveillance Files, Intake/Investigation Files, Internal Employee Investigation Files, Administrative Compliance Reviews, Confirmation Records, Assistance/FIPPA Files, Canada Revenue Agency Records, Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) Records, and Acts and Regulations.

Type Description
GCR Stakeholder compliance services administration records
PIB Administrative compliance review files – employers
PIB Administrative compliance review files – workers
PIB Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) records
PIB Claim suppression audit records
PIB Confirmation records
PIB Criminal code offences investigation case files
PIB Criminal code offences prosecutions files
PIB Intake/investigation case files – employers
PIB Fatal claim premium adjustment policy records
PIB Intake/investigation case files – employers/providers
PIB Intake/investigation case files – workers
PIB Internal employee investigation case files
PIB Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) records
PIB Prosecutions files – employers/providers
PIB Prosecutions files – workers
PIB Surveillance files