Patient feedback

We support recovery and return to work for people with work-related illnesses or injuries who require specialized care through health service programs delivered in Ontario hospitals, including our Occupational Health Assessment Program (OHAP) and Specialty Programs.

We want you to have a positive experience when you are referred to the OHAP or Specialty Program. Patient feedback is also extremely important to all of the clinics. It provides an opportunity for them to improve the services and care they provide. This feedback includes compliments, questions and suggestions, as well as complaints about their services. 

If you are dissatisfied with the treatment, service or care you received at one of the clinics, please speak with the clinicians directly as a first step, or ask to speak with the clinic manager.

If you don’t feel satisfied or are uncomfortable discussing the issue directly with the clinic, please contact the hospital’s patient relations office for help. The patient relations office or department will listen and be supportive, explain how things work and what you can expect from the hospital and its clinicians. The patient relations office will respond to your concerns and notify the clinic.

You will know the results of the review once it’s completed. The clinic will inform the WSIB of your concern, the outcome of the review and any action going forward to prevent the issue from recurring. If further discussions or activities are needed, we will discuss them with you and the clinic.

You may also speak with your case manager. We will contact the clinic to make that person aware of your concerns. The case manager will also encourage you to speak with the clinic or the hospital patient relations office directly. A direct discussion with you is necessary for the clinic to address your concern.

Find the contact information for our Occupational Health Assessment Program and Specialty Programs.