Specialty Programs

Our Specialty Programs provide timely access to expert specialists for people with work-related injuries or illnesses. These programs specialize in recovery and achieving a healthy and safe return to work by conducting an assessment and providing interdisciplinary treatment for more complex injuries and illnesses.

There are eight Specialty Programs people can access across the province:

  1. Amputee, prosthetics and custom orthopaedic shoes
  2. Burns
  3. Back and neck
  4. Lower extremity (including foot and ankle, and hip and knee programs)
  5. Upper extremity (including hand and wrist, and shoulder and elbow programs)
  6. Mental health
  7. Neurology
  8. Occupational disease

Comprehensive care when and where your patients need it

Our Specialty Programs offer the expertise of interdisciplinary health-care teams who work together to provide the best care possible for someone with a workplace injury or illness.

We do this by:

  • ensuring timely access to a comprehensive assessment in all our Specialty Programs, to ensure an integrated plan for recovery and return to work.
  • providing a range of consultation and treatment services that address a person’s unique health care needs within one program.
    • For example, we have integrated function and pain management, psychological support and surgical treatments into the Lower extremity, Back and neck and Upper extremity Specialty Programs so people can have a coordinated recovery plan.
  • requiring phone calls from physician specialists to a patient’s primary health care provider to share and discuss the results of the specialist’s assessment and the treatment plan.
  • including Return to Work Specialists to better support people’s safe return to work.
  • ensuring there are providers and services  across the province and making technology supports like virtual care services more widely available to improve access to care.

If you are participating in a Specialty Program as a patient and want to give feedback, you can read more about how to provide patient feedback.


Any person with a work-related amputation, significant burn or occupational disease can access specialized services through our Specialty Programs.

Our Specialty Programs also help people who are not progressing in their recovery, need surgery, or are facing barriers to returning to work.


To suggest a referral to one of our Specialty Programs, contact us and ask to speak to your patient’s case manager or indicate in your reports back to us that you think your patient might benefit from care in one of our Specialty Programs.

See our contact list for Specialty Programs by location.

Contact us at:

  • Telephone: 416-344-1000
  • Toll free: 1-800-387-0750
  • TTY: 1-800-387-0050