Our service commitment to you

We are committed to supporting and providing people with the help they need to recover and get back to work. This means keeping people informed, being available and responsive, and showing respect and integrity in every interaction.

First, call us

Our commitment is to respond to phone messages within eight business hours, correspondence within 10 business days and messages from our online services within two business days.

To find out how to call us, and more ways to get in touch, visit our Contact us page.

If necessary, escalate your concern to a manager

Haven’t heard back from us? If you haven’t received a call back in over eight business hours, you can call us and ask a Customer Service Representative to connect you with a manager.

If you still need help, you can escalate your claim-related service concern

If you have completed the first two steps and still have a claim-related service concern, you can escalate it further by completing our web form. After you submit, you will see a message confirming we have received your service concern and a Customer Service Representative will call you shortly.

Note: A disagreement or dispute with a decision made by the WSIB about your claim is not considered a service concern. If you disagree with a decision, let us know as soon as possible. You will need to submit a document asking the decision-maker to reconsider, explaining why you disagree and include any facts you think were overlooked. Read more about how we deal with disputes.

Escalate your claim-related service concern

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We will not add the phone number and email address you provide in this web form to your contact information in our files. We will use the phone number to contact you about this concern and the email address to let you know when your service concern has been resolved.
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