COVID-19: FAQs for health care providers


Does the WSIB allow virtual care?

Yes. In these unprecedented times, the WSIB supports virtual care for the delivery of programs and services.

We expect that health care providers will follow all their regulatory requirements and guidelines in the delivery of virtual care, including obligations of security and privacy in choosing the platform.

We consider virtual care for a program of care and an episode of care to include visual contact with the injured person as a necessary part of the assessment and evidence-based treatment. The use of telephone interactions for the delivery of care may be considered on a case-by-case basis to provide education and guidance where visual contact through virtual care is not accessible.

The WSIB also expects that virtual care will be delivered individually to people with workplace-related injuries or illnesses.

Telephone and video conferencing platforms are supported for the assessment and treatment of mental health illnesses.

Can I continue delivering the program of care (POC), episode of care (EOC), the Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) and/or fee-for service treatment?

Yes, if you are treating someone in a program of care, episode of care, the Community Mental Health Program or in approved fee-for-service treatment, you can continue to provide the treatment as defined in the programs through virtual care methods.

Do I need approval to deliver virtual care?

No additional approval is required to deliver virtual care.

What should I do if I have had to close my clinical practice and will not be providing in-person or virtual care?

Please follow your regulatory college’s guidance and standards of practice that speak to ensuring continuity of care.

How do I bill for a program or fee-for-service that is being delivered through virtual care?

The existing fee schedules for programs of care, episodes of care, the Community Mental Health Program and fee-for-service treatment will also be used for virtual care. You should follow the same billing process as you do today to bill us.

Do I need to include any other information in the programs of care, episode of care, Community Mental Health Program and fee-for-service documents or other reporting to the WSIB?

Please include a notation regarding the use of virtual care in the treatment forms or on any other documentation that you send us during the billing process.

The person with a workplace injury that I treat does not want to participate in virtual care, what should I do?

We acknowledge that some people with a workplace injury may cancel sessions because they do not want to participate in virtual care. Their preference should be considered in supporting the appropriate method for delivery of care. If in treatment, you can discharge them from care and send in appropriate reporting.

Can I mail a form to the WSIB?

Currently, we it is taking longer than usual for the mail we receive to be processed and we are not accepting courier deliveries – however, we’re still here to help. If there is an associated claim number, you can upload a form or document to us using our website. For anything without a claim number, you can fax us. You may also send mail to our head office:

200 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3J1