Rate Framework (Archived): Health and Safety

Proactive Occupational Health and Safety Interventions

Supporting employers and their workplaces in understanding the importance of proactive occupational health and safety is a critical component of any transition plan. The proposed preliminary Rate Framework would act as an early warning for employers by providing target premium rates allowing employers to; better identify the future projected path of their premium costs; and take proactive health and safety actions (e.g. prevention; and return to work (RTW) to address the risks).

Employers could see premium rate implications as a result of:

  • A transition to a more responsive Rate Framework;
  • A significant gap between their historical rates in the current system & their new Target Premium Rate;
  • A sustained performance trend leading to a significant increase in their risk profile; and
  • A risk profile that is disproportionate to their respective industry performance.

The WSIB is specifically looking into the provision of new and enhanced risk reduction support services (focusing on RTW and Prevention), delivered by the WSIB's Workplace Health and Safety Services function and other Occupational Health and Safety partners (including the Ministry of Labour, the Chief Prevention Officer and the Health and Safety Associations).

These services would be most helpful to assist employers who have a particular interest in reducing their claims experience performance trends that have led to high premium rates.

The design of the proposed preliminary Rate Framework could accommodate other health and safety initiatives or programs (Ministry of Labour/Chief Prevention Office).

The WSIB would like to hear from you! Please email us your questions or comments about the proposed preliminary Rate Framework to consultation_secretariat@wsib.on.ca.

For more information, see Paper 5: A Path Forward (PDF)