Rate Framework (Archived): Consultation Plan


The WSIB has initiated a review of its Employer Classification, Premium Rate Setting and Experience Rating systems. As part of this review, the WSIB has developed a proposed preliminary Rate Framework. This proposed model takes into consideration the recommendations of the Stanley report, Pricing Fairness (PDF), and the WSIB's subsequent analysis.

To learn more about the Rate Framework Modernization Consultation, please visit www.WSIBRateFrameworkReform.com.

Rate Framework Modernization Consultations

The WSIB remains committed to working with all interested stakeholders and will facilitate a number of opportunities for engagement on the proposed preliminary Rate Framework. Engagement opportunities will be organized over a number of phases.

Phase I March 2015 – October 2015

March 2015

Release of a variety of consultation materials to support participation in the consultation process.

These products include:

  • A series of detailed technical papers, including an Executive Summary, that describe the proposed preliminary Rate Framework to allow for meaningful stakeholder input.
  • An animated video that explains in easy-to-understand language the case for change and an overview of the proposed preliminary Rate Framework.
  • An Information Sheet that provides a high level outline of the case for change, an overview of the proposed preliminary Rate Framework, and transition.
April 2015 Technical Session to provide a baseline understanding of the proposed preliminary Rate Framework and how it works. The Technical Session will include a question and answer segment.

Technical Sessions will be held via webinar and a plenary session that will be held in Toronto. If you are interested in participating in one of the Technical Sessions, please email the Consultation Secretariat at consultation_secretariat@wsib.on.ca
April – May 2015 Working Group Sessions: Employer and worker focused Working Group Sessions will be held as a follow-up to the Technical Sessions. Working group sessions will assist parties in addressing any outstanding questions and support the development of written submissions.
October 2, 2015 Written submission due date. Submissions may be sent to:
200 Front St. West, 17th Floor
Toronto, On M5V 3J1
October 2015 Stakeholder submissions to be posted on the Consultation Secretariat website

WSIB is here to help

The WSIB is committed to assisting all interested parties throughout this review. If you have questions or require any further information, please contact us at consultation_secretariat@wsib.on.ca for assistance.

Phase II Fall 2015

Fall 2015 WSIB to review submissions and assess stakeholder input on implications of the proposed preliminary Rate Framework.

“What We've Heard” session to be held with key stakeholders/participants in the consultation process. At this session, the WSIB will share its understanding of the feedback received.

All stakeholder submissions will be posted on the Consultation Secretariat website.

Timing and details of the next phase(s) including further stakeholder engagement will be confirmed and posted on this site.