Direct deposit services

You can ensure you receive your WSIB benefit payments as quickly and efficiently by using the WSIB’s direct deposit services.

Direct deposit is the fastest, safest and easiest way to receive your benefit payments.

It is also:

  • reliable – no risk of lost, forgotten or stolen cheques or postal delays
  • completely confidential
  • convenient – no need to spend valuable time depositing benefit cheques at your financial institution
  • accessible – your money is available as soon as it's deposited — no more cheque holds
  • great for the environment – saves paper

If you receive on-going benefit payments and have a Canadian bank account you can request direct deposit for your benefit payments. 

How to sign up for direct deposit

By switching to direct deposit you will receive your regular payments directly through your financial institution instead of through the mail. (Direct deposit is only available for bank/financial institutions within Canada)


You can sign up for direct deposit into your bank account through one of the three options.

Please do not submit direct deposit information using the document upload tool. All direct deposit requests should be submitted to Please note this email is to be used only for submitting direct deposit forms.  No other forms or requests will be actioned if submitted to this email address.

1) Pre-authorized direct deposit form

  • Get a pre-authorized direct deposit form online or in person from your bank/financial institution. If the name or banking information on the form is handwritten, it must include a bank stamp. 
  • Email the form to, providing your name and claim number in the body of the email.

2) Void cheque

  • You can provide a ‘VOID’ personalized cheque with your name pre-printed on it. Please note counter cheques are not accepted.
  • Email the ‘VOID’ cheque to and include your name and claim number in the body of the email.

3)  Bank stamp