Day of Mourning video: text transcript with description of visuals


Quiet, sad piano music.

Woman: "He was full of life

A memorial wreath made of flowers is leaning against iron girders in a construction site at sunset.
and he was full of laughter.The same memorial wreath sits in a barn. There are hay bales in the background and a tractor on the right.
If I could see him today, I’d probably remind him how much I love him and miss him.The wreath is now in an industrial kitchen surrounded by stainless steel equipment.
But I’d mainly want him to meet his granddaughter."The screen fades to black, leaving only the wreath in the middle. The words “Day of Mourning” appear across the middle of the wreath.
Quiet, sad piano music.The words “On April 28, we remember all those who suffered a workplace death, injury or illness” appear on screen, and the WSIB logo appears at the bottom of the wreath, along with the url