Day of Mourning video: text transcript with description of visuals

Audio Visual
Sound effects from machinery mixes with slow, somber music.

There’s a row of lockers that are used by construction workers.


There are hard hats on top, safety vests and jackets in the lockers, and some of the locker doors are open.

I know all dads are proud of their kids, but Manny was next level.


Every shift he had a new photo to show me.


I feel like I know his little ones.

The camera starts to move closer to the lockers and there’s a piece of construction paper taped to the inside of one of the locker doors.

Then he died at work...


I just keep thinking of those kids and everything he'll miss.

The construction paper comes into focus – it’s a child’s drawing of a construction worker with the word “Daddy” written above the figure.

On April 28th we remember all those who suffered a workplace  death injury or illness. A memorial wreath of flowers starts to appear and the drawing fades away. The words “Day of Mourning” appear across the wreath, like a sash. 
The WSIB logo appears at the bottom of the wreath, and a yellow Day of Mourning ribbon attaches itself to the logo.
And all those left behind.

The words “April 28” and the url appear at the bottom of the screen.