Appeals: Frequently Asked Questions

While the WSIB cannot recommend one representative over another, there are a number of options for both workers and employers:

  • If the workplace has a union, a union representative can offer assistance to a worker with the appeals process.
  • Workers who are not part of a union can seek assistance with their appeal by contacting Office of the Worker Advisor, and some employers can contact the Office of the Employer Adviser.
  • Workers and employers have the option to seek third party representation from lawyers and paralegals; this type of representation will come at a cost to the worker and to the employer.

What is the status of my appeal?

To determine the status of your appeal please call us at 1-800-387-0750.

Why have I not received any information on when the hearing will be scheduled? I submitted the Participant form.

If you have submitted a Participant Form previously stating you wish to participate, you will be a issued a Respondent Form that you will have to return as well. If you have not received your Respondent Form please call us at 1-800-387-0750.

What are the time lines for submitting Respondent forms?

 45 days (plus 5 days for mailing) is the time frame allowed to complete and submit the form.

Have my witnesses been approved?

The oral hearing determination letter will indicate the names of the witnesses who have been approved, if any.

What are the issues that will be addressed during the hearing?

The oral hearing determination letter will indicate the issue(s) which will be addressed.

Who is the Appeals Resolution Officer for the hearing?

Please call us at 1-800-387-0750 to determine the Appeals Resolution Officer that is assigned to your appeal.

Who can I contact for information about the oral hearing such as parking etc?

Please call your Appeals Administrator indicated on the letter sent to you by the Hearing Scheduler.

I am a worker who will be attending an oral hearing; what expenses will I get paid for?

You will be paid by the WSIB for your attendance. At the hearing you will receive an expense form (the Appeals Resolution Officer will assist you), to claim for mileage, parking, meals, and lost wages.

Is the hearing as formal as the courts?

No, the hearings are informal in nature; however, the Appeals Resolution Officer facilitating the hearing will guide the process in a structured format.


  • Intent to object (PDF)
  • Appeal Readiness
    (Mailed to you, along with your claim file record, once you have submitted an ITO)

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