The WSIB’s highest priority is providing support to help get injured workers back on the job in good time and in good health. Today, 92 per cent of injured workers are back at work within one year of their injury at full wages.

The videos below are just a few examples of how the WSIB works collaboratively with injured workers, and their employers, to get them back to health and work safely.

Pete’s recovery and return-to-work story

When Pete suffered a life-altering injury at work, he was determined to recover and get back to what he loves. Watch his story:

Pete's return to work story

Scafom’s health and safety story

When scaffolding company Scafom was selected for a WSIB evaluation, they were able to make their already strong health and safety program even better. Watch their story:

Doug's return to work story

After working around cars his whole career, Doug needed help with his work-related hearing loss. Watch his story:

Lance's return to work story

Lance’s workplace injury left him learning how to walk again and changing careers. We were with him every step of the way. Watch his story:

Arden’s return to work story

Arden’s love of farming didn’t stop with his accident. The WSIB worked to find a solution that would keep him there. Watch his story:

Lanny’s return to work story

After his 40-year career as a truck driver ended with a fall, Lanny is back with his employer in a new role. Watch his story:

Anthony’s return to work story

Anthony was working as a Brake Press Operator when his life changed in a fraction of a second. Watch his story:

Mary’s return to work story

Mary returned to her employer in a new role after she slipped and rolled her ankle, causing a permanent injury. Watch her story: