WSIB Sponsorship for private schools and private career colleges

The goal of our Work Reintegration (WR) program is employment for injured/ill workers. Principles of the WR program include ensuring effective, quality services that achieve desired employment outcomes, and deriving value from investments in worker retraining.

Written confirmation required for eligibility

When an injured worker requires education and vocational training to help them return to work with their injury employer or a new employer, workers may select the training institutions they attend, as long as the institutions meet certain minimum eligibility requirements. 

Some injured workers choose private schools/colleges to meet their training needs, and before sponsoring their attendance, WSIB must confirm that the school or college is eligible. For this reason we ask private career colleges and private schools to provide written confirmation about their ability and willingness to comply with specific WSIB sponsorship terms. The “WSIB Sponsorship Terms for Private Career Colleges and Private Schools” were developed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

Providers interested in delivering education or vocational training services to injured workers should review the WSIB Terms of WSIB Sponsorship (44.9kb, PDF), and return to the WSIB a completed and signed Agreement Form (39.9kb, PDF) for each location where services will be provided.

Have questions?

Any questions about the sponsorship terms should be directed to We will get back to you within two business days.