WSIB Policy Agenda 2022

January 2022


The WSIB’s Framework for Operational Policy Development and Renewal describes how we keep our Operational Policy Manual documents up-to-date, clear, and provide appropriate guidance about how policies are applied. The Framework also describes our approach to stakeholder engagement in policy development. As part of that approach, each year we publish a policy agenda describing the items that we plan to review in the upcoming year.

The policy agenda provides stakeholders advance notice of anticipated items that may involve consultation. In line with the WSIB’s commitment to open communication, the policy agenda may also include items that may not require stakeholder consultation. Policies scheduled for review are also included and may be evaluated independently or as part of a larger program review. We post all policy changes on the policy updates/clarifications page of our website.

The following factors are key drivers of the policy agenda in 2022:

  • As we move forward with our current Strategic Plan, in particular activities to better meet customer needs and expectations, we rely on the WSIB’s policy area for advice and support.
  • A number of projects from prior years are ongoing and continue to require policy leadership, advice and support.
  • We are looking at developments in science and medicine to help with evidence-based decision-making. The WSIB’s policy area will be involved as appropriate where the WSIB commissions studies/reviews.
  • The WSIB and its stakeholders have finite capacity and resources to participate in policy projects.

Policy agenda 2022

Throughout 2021, policy work continued regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for business accounts and claim-related decision-making, including initial entitlement, benefit payments and return to work. This policy work will continue into 2022.

In 2022, policy work will continue to be needed to support our response to recommendations from the Value for Money Audit on the Serious Injury Program.

In 2022, we will continue with our response to recommendations from the Ontario Government’s Operational Review of the WSIB, with a focus on efficiency of operations and customer service improvements. Flowing from this review, the government has completed consultations with stakeholders on legislative and regulatory proposals on surplus distribution and expansion of coverage in the developmental services and personal support worker industries. The government has also introduced legislation with respect to surplus distribution. We will carry out any related policy development work needed to operationalize these proposals, if they are passed.

In 2021, we updated policy 14-01-10, Temporary Employment Agencies Transition to the Rate Framework, to reflect our revised transition approach for temporary employment agencies (TEAs) in 2022. We are currently reviewing our transition approach for TEAs for the following years, which will include further engagement with TEA stakeholders.

We have started implementing our occupational disease strategy, developed in response to the 2019 Value for Money Audit on the Occupational Disease and Survivor Benefits Program and Dr. Paul Demers’ Review on Occupational Cancer. In 2022, we will finalize and publish our Occupational Disease Policy Framework to guide future policy development and scheduling, and continue to leverage our Research and Grants Program to gather high quality scientific evidence to support occupational disease policy efforts.

In 2021, three research grants were awarded to support policy reviews on the following topics:

  • Asbestos and gastrointestinal cancers
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Asbestos and lung cancer

The final reports, once submitted to the WSIB for each of these grants, will inform future policy development and scheduling.

During 2022, additional research grants may be identified to support the ongoing implementation of the Occupational Disease Strategy. The first proposed research grant in 2022 will support a policy review on occupational asthma. The analysis of the relevant scientific evidence and other policy considerations to support policy updates for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss decision-making will also proceed in 2022.

The WSIB will continue to provide advice in support of its efforts to better meet customer needs and expectations and maintain policy capacity to support any potential legislative changes.