T5007 Statements Q & A


1. What should I do with the Employer Advances Report that you sent me?

We send you the Employer Advances Report to let you know the amount of benefits paid to you for each claim on behalf of an injured worker within that tax year. State the amount of Advances reimbursements you received from us in Box 77 (Other Information box) of your employee’s T4 slip.

2. How do I complete my employee’s T4 slip if I received Advances payments from the WSIB?

State the amount of Advances payments you received from us in Box 77 (Other Information box) of your employee’s T4 slip.

3. What should I do if I think that the amount on the Employer Advances Report is incorrect?

Call us at our General Inquiry number and ask to speak to the person responsible for T5007 statements. We will review the amount on your Employer Advances Report. If it is incorrect, we will adjust it. We will send you a letter confirming the new Advances amount to attach to the T4 slip.

WSIB General Inquiry Phone Numbers:

Local: 416 344-1000
Toll free (Ontario): 1-800-387-0750

4. I am a Schedule 2 Employer. Will I receive an Employer Advances Report if I continued a worker’s salary while they were off work due to a work-related injury or illness?

Yes, both Schedule 1 and 2 employers receive Employer Advances Reports if they continued to advance their worker salary or wages for lost time from work, and the lost time is allowed for entitlement with reimbursement of Advances paid to the employer.

5. If I received Advances reimbursements, why don’t I receive a T5007 statement?

Only injured workers, their survivor(s) or dependant(s) are entitled to receive WSIB benefits. If Advances reimbursements are made to the employer, this is considered a repayment of the worker’s benefits.