Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers

We are working with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) to help businesses make workplaces and Ontario, safer and healthier. 

Businesses can achieve health and safety accreditation and employer recognition from the MLTSD and may receive financial incentives from the WSIB by completing the Supporting Ontario's Safe Employers (SOSE) program.

Applying for a financial incentive

You can apply on the MLTSD website for employer recognition by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). If your business is CPO recognized, the Ministry will share your information with the WSIB for consideration of financial incentives.

Applications for financial incentive applications go through a four-step process: 

  1. Validate any additional requirements (i.e., proof of a return-to-work program, and completion of culture survey)  
  2. Check eligibility requirements
  3. Hold a review committee to achieve WSIB sign-off
  4. Provide financial rebate to successful CPO-recognized employers and notify any unsuccessful applicants that they have not qualified for financial incentive.


In addition to meeting the Ministry's criteria, businesses submitting for financial incentives must meet the following WSIB requirements: 

  • Achieve and maintain Chief Prevention Officer's (CPO) Employer Recognition 
  • Be a Schedule 1 business
  • Reconcile any balances with the WSIB prior to receiving a financial incentive 
  • Comply with the Workplace Safety Insurance Act, 1997 (WSIA), and not have charges under the WSIA or the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) within 12 months prior to submission of application to the Ministry and during the payment period (three years)
    • If a workplace is charged under the WSIA or CCC after receiving the WSIB financial incentive, the WSIB reserves the right to retract the incentive
  • Not have an allowed traumatic fatality from the date CPO Employer Recognition is achieved to the date the WSIB financial incentive is issued, and must not have a fatality pending a decision 
    • A business that experiences an allowed traumatic fatality after receiving CPO recognition will not receive financial incentives in any year 
  • Submit evidence of a Return-to-Work program that meets the Return to Work, Health and Safety Topic of the Health and Safety Excellence program    
  • Complete a culture survey annually that is also part of the Health and Safety Excellence program    
  • Have an active WSIB account number

The WSIB reserves the right to use its sole discretion to provide a financial incentive.

How much money will my business save?

Businesses that achieve and maintain CPO Employer Recognition and meet and maintain the WSIB eligibility requirements may receive financial incentives for three years.

Smaller businesses will be rewarded with higher incentives. This program recognizes that small businesses have less influence over their premium rates, and provides greater financial incentives to small businesses making the necessary health and safety investments in their workplace.

Businesses that meet SOSE program requirements and implement an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) will be asked to provide:

  1. Payroll impacted by the OHSMS (the number of employees impacted from the implementation of the OHSMS)
  2. Total organizational payroll 

Incentive schedule

Year in program Business size  is less than or equal to 20% predictability (% of premium)*    

Business size is greater than 20% predictability (% of premium)*

Maximum incentive
1 15 10 $300,000
2 10 7 $200,000
3 5 5 $100,000

* The percent of total premiums is based on the business size and how long they have been in the program. 

Both small and large businesses can achieve CPO Employer recognition  and take advantage of the financial incentive.

How to calculate your incentive

How to calculate your incentive

Calculating your incentive if you are a small business:

Calculating your incentive if you are a small business

Calculating your incentive if you are a large business:

Calculating your incentive if you are a small business


Businesses that achieve CPO employer recognition can receive an incentive from the WSIB once a year for up to three years. Once in the SOSE program , businesses are still required to meet the MLTSD and WSIB eligibility requirements  to receive incentives each year for three years. The annual incentive cycle is based on the date a business achieves CPO employer recognition. Incentives will be issued once a year, either in the spring or the fall, to all businesses who qualify.